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COVID-19 Risk Management Policy

At Athleta Gymnastics our priority is to keep our gymnasts safe and healthy, along with their families and our staff. In light of the recent developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to update you on the protocols we have in place to help prevent the spread of illness.

Athleta Gymnastics has year-round strategies in place to keep our members healthy. These include:

• Wiping down and disinfecting high-touch surfaces throughout the day

• Hand sanitizer available at the front desk and in the gym space (however this is limited at the moment)

• We are Encouraging gymnasts and staff to stay home when not well

• Make up sessions for all members to allow gymnasts to rest when they are ill

• Regular venue cleaning to maintain high standard of cleanliness

Further measures:

• In line with state government requirements, Athleta gymnastics requires anyone entering the facility over the age of 16years to be fully vaccinated, and present vaccination certificate upon entry to reception

• Social distancing applies

• QR code check in required upon entry to the facility

• Face masks must be worn inside the facility by parents at all times

• Coaches will be regularly cleaning and sanitising equipment after each class and at the end of each training day

• If you or your child is feeling unwell or displaying symptoms, we ask that you do not attend and seek professional medical advice and receive a negative test before returning to the facility

• All staff are required by state government rules to be fully vaccinated

• We are encouraging all members, and staff to wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and soap and to dry their hands before and after class

• We are also ensuring that all equipment is disinfected at the end of classes by staff

• We have extra coaches available so that staff need to stay home when they are sick or becoming sick (however sometimes we may need to reschedule a class)

• We have cleaning supplies onsite that staff use to do additional disinfection throughout the day

• We are encouraging any sneezing or coughing to be done into the elbow

• Door handles will be disinfected multiples times throughout the day

• Anyone who has travelled internationally will not be permitted to return to the club for 14days after their return, and we will encourage people to self-isolate

• We will require proof of return date if you have travelled internationally to verify

• Any person who has come into contact with someone with corona virus a 14 day exclusion period will apply

• During your exclusion period your membership will continue as normal where you can redeem make up sessions for missed classes in line with our club policies

• In the event there is a confirmed case of corona virus, we will require documentation from medical professionals and clearance of the virus before returning to the club

• All new members will be asked if they have travelled internationally and the same 14 day self-isolation period will apply before they will be permitted to return.

• All Athletes are encouraged to wash their hands before entering their class as well as additional hand sanitisation

• Hand sanitising stations have been placed throughout the facility

• Coaches have been encouraged to socially distance athletes where possible

• Coaches have also been encouraged to socially distance from athletes where possible

• All staff are required to wear face masks when inside the facility

• In the event we have a positive case at the facility all athletes and parents will be notified of the exposure via email, txt and phone, parents, athletes and staff may be required to seek a covid test, and isolate depending on their exposure and test result

• In the event of a positive covid case, the facility will be required to facilitate a deep clean to be undertaken by professional cleaners

At this time all classes are running as normal. We advise to keep your child away from the gym if they are showing cold or flu like symptoms and to reschedule your class for another day when they are well again. We can assure your child will not miss out if they take a sick day.

We appreciate your attentiveness to this matter and your help in keeping our community safe!

Thanks, Athleta Gymnastics

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